Copywriter & content marketing specialist

Helping you to develop valuable content that
talks, walks, and sells your products or services
to your defined digital marketing audience.

My aims for your business:
Create brand awareness. Build credibility/trust. Better search quality. Build a subscribed audience.

high roi

I will help you to create more valuable and relevant content (that your competitors aren’t developing). You will have a higher ROI and enjoy the thrill of being on top of the file. Inbound content marketing is 62% less expensive than outbound content marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.

grow your audience

I know the difficulty of securing an audience. But you need to know that it comes with a reward, as well. By developing unique, valuable, and engaging content, you will be able to attract new customers, engage, and retain them. Do you have a mapped content plan? Don’t worry. I will create one for you.

improve trust &clv

Content marketing involves creating valuable content that solves your customers' problems and helps them improve their lives. In other words, they learn to trust you based on the content in your digital channels. To increase their lifetime value, however, you need to do more than just content creation.

improve serch quality

It’s not only about creating content, it’s about creating content for both the readers and search engines. It's essential to balance the two. That’s where SEO comes in. I will help you optimize your content for search engines. With proper search engine optimization, comes higher SERP.

Top-notch Copywriting

Got a product or a service that you want to sell fast? Don’t worry. I got your back. Placing your offer in front of your prospects is one thing while getting them to make a purchase is another. You need a copywriter with the right knowledge, experience, and expertise to send the right message, through the right channel, to the right people.

Whether you need a Facebook ad, a landing page, or a web copy, just contact me. I will have it done. I balance the sale and the message; people hate to be sold into

Engaging Social media marketing

Want to increase your brand awareness, boost traffic, get leads and higher conversion rates? You need an inbound social media marketing strategy for your business. Over the years, social media has grown to be a great marketing tool businesses can leverage to grow. Statistics show that these numbers are rising.

To avoid being left out of the bandwagon, it’s time to leverage these channels. I guess you also understand that it’s where most of your prospects spend their time

Segmented email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best types of marketing. It’s in the second and third stages of the inbound marketing methodology; engage and delight prospects. You can use lead nurturing email sequences to convert cold leads to warm and hot customers. Guess how you can achieve great success here? Personalization.

I can either give you the tricks or craft a winning lead nurturing email sequence for your funnel. Consider this as one type of marketing with a high ROI because of how customized and personalized it can be.

Content marketing consulting

I have been in the content marketing niche for more than 3 years. I have helped businesses grow, thrive, and scale faster, leveraging tactical content marketing techniques. If you want someone to give tips, tricks, and techniques to make it big in content marketing, I’m your guy. I offer content marketing consulting services for anyone who feels he is merely spinning his wheels.

Once we connect, I will send over my Calendly link, which will allow you to book a consultation with me and allow us to begin making waves. 

Profitable Business blogging

There are two types of blogging. Blogging as a hobby –not making any money –and business blogging. Most of my career has been dealing with business blogging. Any piece of a blog post is aimed towards achieving a marketing goal. Think about it. A blog can be a great source of traffic, branding, and lead generation tool.

If you haven’t utilized blogging as one of your inbound marketing tools, then you are leaving lots of money on the table.

“Content marketing is basic to any other type of digital marketing. It forms the cornerstone that supports all your efforts to position your business and achieve your goals."


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